More Corrosion Resistant
The unique combination of aluminum and zinc can outlast galvanized steel by two to four times, depending on the environment.

Equivalent formability to conventional galvanized products allows for a wide range of applications.

Attractive Appearance
Aluminum-Zinc Coated Steel's smooth surface is architecturally pleasing and makes for a superior surface for pre-painting and post-painting.

No Primer Required
No primer required when field painting, provided a water based acrylic finish coat is used.

Aluminum-Zinc Coated Steel is available in
pre-painted industry colors.

High Temperature Resistance
Operating conditions resulting in surface temperatures up to 600 degrees are easily withstood without surface discoloration.

Thermal Reflectivity
Aluminum-Zinc Coated Steel sheet reflects a high percentage of heat and light. In roofing, it acts as a shield and thermal barrier.


The Aluminum-Zinc sheet coating over steel consists of an alloy of nominally 55% aluminum, 1.6% silicon, and the remainder zinc by weight, as listed in ASTM designation A792.

Based on long-term atmospheric corrosion test results, it is estimated that Aluminum-Zinc coated steel sheet will outlast G90 galvanized by two to four times in marine, industrial and rural atmospheres.

In salt spray tests with cut edges exposed, the corrosion resistance is typically three to four times that of G90 Galvanized.