50 square inches of net free air floww



50 square inches of net free air flow

Made of High Impact Resins

Base - 15" x 18"
Hood - 12" x 12"
Height - 4"

Designed by and for the roofing contractor
Made of high impact resins to achieve both the rigorous demands required for jobsite installation and the long-lasting durability to withstand harsh weather.

Matte Finish
A matte finish that provides a uniform contoured surface that resists scratches and dents while giving the finished roof more of a blended appearance eliminating the shiny, “blistered” effect.

50 square inches of net free air flow
50 square inches of net free air for excellent air flow and optimum ventilation.

Unique nailer strip
Unique nailer strip designed for ease of installation that dramatically reduces the risk of base fractures during fastening.

Ultraviolet inhibitors
Made with ultraviolet inhibitors to retain long-lasting strength, color and durability.

Double fencing
Double fencing for added water protection

Northwest Brown,
Weathered Gray,
Light Gray,
Black or Tan


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Net Free Air Flow of Vents


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