How Does RAP-I-FORM Work?

RAP-I-FORM's® Walerless Plywood Form System is designed for the contractor who is engaged in a variety of form work including basement walls and retainer wall foundations. The system is capable of most high wall applications required in residential and light commercial work. It is also excellent for low wall conditions such as stem walls, crawl spaces, grade beams, curbing and cisterns. This system is ideal for the contractor who has a high volume of work requiring versatility, economy and speed.

Cost Savings: The RAP-I-FORM® system costs a fraction of other concrete forming systems available. Plus, you'll also save time on setting and stripping our forms. You'll be using the most cost effective system on the market.

Versatility: You can use the RAP-I-FORM® system to form anything from slab on-grade foundations to complete basements, and all without purchasing extra hardware.

Flexibility: The RAP-I-FORM® system can be used with 1-1/8" HDO plywood, 3/4" HDO plywood, or regular dimension lumber. Hardware is readily available for all three types of forming materials. Change your elevations, wall heights and wall thicknesses quickly and easily.

Simplicity: You and your crew won't need extensive training to use the RAP-I-FORM® system. Most contractors can learn to use the system in less than a day.

Availability: The RAP-I-FORM® has an extensive dealer network throughout the United States, so you'll never have a problem locating our products. For a dealer near you, please call one of our offices.

Accuracy: The RAP-I-FORM® clips and Flat Snaptie Ties are fabricated to exact wall sizes. This ensures you of a consistent wall size throughout the pour. Durability: Most HDO plywood panels, when used with reasonable care, will give you up to 200 pours with the RAP-I-FORM® system.

RAP-I-FORM® cuts foundation wall forming costs!

Billed as "The world's fastest concrete forming system" RAP-I-FORM® is quickly becoming one of the most popular.

With outlets in 15 western states and some Southeastern states. Plus, you'll also save time on setting and stripping our forms. You'll be using the most cost effective system on the market claims a large and growing percentage of these markets for light commercial and residential wall construction.

One forming system covers them all.

This is the only forming system that is designed to meet the needs of the foundation wall contractor. It is the HDO plywoods strength, stability and hard smooth surface that provides a durable foundation wall system that makes it so appealing to builders throughout the country. In addition, all of the materials and hardware used in this system can be worked with ordinary hand tools and standard carpentry skills.

The nature of HDO plywood is such that on site preparation is possible without the complicated re-working of the basic forming system. In effect, RAP-I-FORM® has taken the labor cost of form preparation and handling out of foundation wall construction.


The initial cost of RAP-I-FORM® forming system is 50% less than competitive systems when used with 1-1/8" HDO plywood. The RAP-I-FORM® system eliminated the need to drill panels, fabricate inside and outside corners, or the labor of handling forming lumber such as walers and base plates.

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