Maximum Venting Performance
Unobtrusive Visual Roofline
Architecturally Appealing

ICC # ER-6171
Dade County Tested
Patent US 6,662,509 B2
NFVA calculations by Certified Engineer
Durability - Steel vs. Plastic
Does not raise up ridge cap tile
Versatility - Flat Tile, High & Low Profile “S” Tile
Fully flashed ridge
Virtually invisible

Hurricane Tested
Tested to 110 M.P.H
Dade County Tested
Test procedure PA 100 (A-95)
For wind and wind driven resistance to 110 M.P.H. under 8.8 inch per hour rainstorm.

MD# CAE 00048

STEALTH® Metal Ridge Vent

STEALTH® Ridge Vent Installed

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