1.  Round Conductor Pipe

Available in 28GA, 26GA, 24GA, 22GA and 20GA
(Not all gauges available in all diameters.)

Contact your Award Metals distributor for more Conductor Pipe Specifications.

2.  Ball Joint - Spun Steel
3" through 12"

Spun steel galvanized ball joints provide flexibility in ducts serving moving cutter heads or other moving equipment. Thus, duct can swing through on arc while maintaining exhaust flow in the line.

3.  Half Round Cut Off

3" through 14"

Cast aluminum cut-offs with galvanized steel slide gates. Cut-offs are used to balance systems, or save air, heat and power when a machine is not in use. All cut-offs are furnished with set screws so blade may be firmly placed for volume control. To install, cut slot in pipe and sheet metal screw collar to pipe.

4.  Full Round Cut Off
3" through 14"

Full cut-offs are used the same as half cut-offs, except to install. The pipe will fit over the collar of the cut-off on both ends. They are also furnished with set screws so blade may be firmly placed for volume control.

5.  Floor Sweeps

6" Diameter

Floor sweeps are available as shown. Sweeps have tight fitting doors, conveniently opened by foot, installed near drills, benches, etc., for floor cleanup use. Made of 18 Gauge Galvanized, with 6” diameter connection.


6.  Angle Rings
3" through 50"

Pressed and rolled steel angle rings are used widely in jointing ductwork together in dust and fume control work. All stock rings have bolt holes and are made from black steel, unpainted. Stainless Steel rings available upon request.

7.  One Piece Elbows
45º, 60º, 75º, 90º

Not Airtight: One-piece elbow is fabricated from a single piece of galvanized sheet steel formed by a special machine.
Airtight: Airtight elbows and short radius elbows upon request.



For more Conductor Pipe specifications contact us.