RAP-I-FORM® Installation

How Does RAP-I-FORM® Work?

Form Clip Wall & Panel Chart

RAP-I-FORM® Shipping Weights

1.  Plastic Cone or Metal Washer Snapties

Maximum allowable load including a safety factor of 2.0 is 2250 lbs.

100 Ties Per Box

Defining the Breakback on Snapties

How To Figure Snaptie Pressure

Short End
3/4" Plywood = 4-3/4" Ends
1-1/8" Plywood =5-1/8" Ends
Long End
3/4" Plywood = 8-1/4" Ends
3/4" Plywood = 1-1/4" Ends
1-1/8" Plywood = 1-5/8" Ends
2.  Rap-I-Form ® Steel Construction Stakes

10 per Bundle

Pallet equals 60 bundles

or 600 stakes

Construction stakes made of high tensile American steel with tempered points.
Ideal for use as screed posts or curb and gutter stakes and nailer stakes.
Available with or without holes.
3.  Form Clip 5" to 24"

Contact us for quantities per box.

Form Clip Wall & Panel Chart

Award RAP-I-FORM® Clip is used to spread and hold the top and bottom of form set-up during the pour. The top clips are removed during stripping and saved for the next job. The clips are available in 1" increments from 5" to 24". Other sizes are also available upon request. May be used with 3/4" or 1 1/8" plywood and 2" dimensional lumber.
4.  Ready-Vent ® - Foundation Vent
Poured-In-Place Foundation Vent
8" x 16" Opening

Gray for wall sizes: 6", 8", 10", 12"

Black for wall size: 6"

With or without 2 Doors

73 square inches of net free air

U.S. Patent #6,165,066

See the Local Building Code
for installation requirements.
5.  Flat Stacking Tie
The patented flat snaptie provides support through the horizontal joints between the plywood panels. Breakback after stripping is accomplished with a horizontal hammer blow.
6.  Stiffback Tie
Used to stiffen and align the walls by utilizing 2" x 4" vertical stiffbacks where applicable. Used in conjunction with our standard wedges.
7.  Round Snaptie Wedge


100 Per Box

Award RAP-I-FORM® Round Snaptie Wedge is used to take up and secure round snapties to the panels. The wedge is secured with a vertical hammer blow and is released during stripping with a reverse hammer action.

8.  Flat Snaptie Wedge
50 Per Box
Award RAP-I-FORM® Flat Snaptie Wedge is used to take up and secure flat snaptie ties to the panels. The wedge is secured with a vertical hammer blow and is released during stripping with a reverse hammer action.
9.  Cardboard Pier Pad Boxes
Available in:
18” x 18” x 8”
24” x 24” x 8”
24” x 24” x 12”
Designed for forming concrete pier pads
used in residential post & beam construction.
10.  Metal Key Way
3-1/2", 5-1/2" or 7-1/2"
With interlocking stakes. Meets both the ACI and PCA recommendations for the design of tongue and groove key joint.
11.  Key Way Stakes

12", 15", 18" or 24"
Sold separately - 100 Per Box
12.  Filler Pan
Galvanized filler sheets are used on the interior of walls to compensate for odd wall lengths and eliminate the cutting of panels. The outside panels are allowed to run by at the corners.
13.  Stake Puller
Pull all our round stakes without adjustments. Our puller has easy-to-use three position base and three position handle.
14.  Monolithic Strap

For single-pour, inverted "T" foundations.

Stocked in sizes: 15", 17", 19" & 23"

Monolithic Strap Install Guide



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