Award Metals has developed the unique AWARD STONECOAT™ process to eliminate the common drawback to all standard roof vents . . . they are visually unattractive. Some are bare metal, some are bright plastic. Bare metal, even galvanized metal, rusts long before the roofing surface needs to be replaced. A painted roof vent usually results in a poor match to the roofing surface and will likely eventually fade or peel. By using AWARD STONECOAT™ products for your roof venting, both longevity and appearance are greatly enhanced.

Multiflex flashing
(Shown on Multiflex flashing)

Most Award Metals products are available with the AWARD STONECOAT™ finish.



Weathered Wood

Onyx Blends of Brown Wood Shake Slate Rustic Wood White Emerald Pewter Pacific Blue
CELOTEX Weathered Wood Charcoal Black Dark Brown Wood Tone Slate Autumn Blend Artic White Yosemite  ------  ------ 

GAF Grand Sequoia

Weathered Wood Charcoal Blend Mesa Brown Cedar Blend Slate Blend Barkwood ------ -------  ------   ------
GAF Timberline Weathered Wood Charcoal Blend Burnt Sienna Cedar Blend Slate Blend ------ Birchwood Blend ------  ------   ------
Pabco Weathered Wood Antique Black Harvest Brown Buckskin Tan Driftwood Prairie Wood Weathered White Sherwood Green  Pewter Gray Blue Slate
Tamko Mountain Slate Rustic Black Autumn Brown Rustic Cedar Antique Slate Rustic Slate Coastal Sand Rustic Green  ------   ------
ELK Weathered Wood Sablewood Hickory

Shake Wood

Antique Slate Bark Wood Aspen White Forest Green  ------   ------
Owens Corning Driftwood Onyx Black Brownwood

Desert Tan

Coastal Gray Teak Sierra Gray Chateau Green Estate Gray Harbour Blue

Certainteed Indedendence

Weathered Wood Charcoal Black Burnt Sienna ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------  ------
Certainteed Haiteras Weathered Wood ------ Sandpiper ------ Windswept Gray ------ ------ ------ ------ Regatta Blue
Certainteed Arc-80 Weathered Wood Ebony Wood Oakwood Cypress Wood Driftwood ------ Birchwood Fernwood ------  ------
MALARKEY Weathered Wood Charcoal Antique Brown Sienna Blend ------ Natural Wood Silverwood Rain Forest Oxford Gray  ------
IKO Weathered Wood Dual Black Bark Brown Earthtone Cedar Castle Grey NW Driftwood Dual Gray Harvard Green Harvard Slate Blue Slate

AWARD STONECOAT™ is available in other colors upon your request.
Color variance may occur from different production runs.
If any manufacturer or shingle color is not represented, please let us know.

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